Burger Buddy is best played on a full stomach, otherwise you may start craving burgers! In this tasty game you play in a room with up to four other people, and you click "Spin" to get different parts of  a burger. (Hitting the Enter key works too.)

Burger Buddies

A finished burger has to have matching top and bottom buns, at least one meat patty, and may have lettuce on top of the patty. (Pickles and ketchup are not available. So sorry!) Once you have the ingredients ready just click and drag them into the right order!

The best part about Burger Buddy is trading ingredients. Need a top bun? Trade for one! It's really easy. Click on the item you want to trade away, then click on the item you want in return. The other player will see a Yes/No balloon pop up right under the piece you're offering. If they hit "Yes" then the pieces will switch places!

Burger Buddies' trade

If anyone sends you a trade, you'll see a Yes/No balloon pop up under the piece that they're offering. You don't have to trade anything if you don't want to, but trading is a great way to earn lots of points and make new friends!

In addition to mouth-watering ingredients, you'll also find free spins and bonus points on each spin!! You can get anywhere from 3 to 25 free spins at a time! Whoa!



In Burger Buddy points are based on the ingredients in your completed burger. It might look complicated, but it's pretty simple! Each ingredient is listed in the table below. Don't forget, Club Winster members get four times the points!

Ingredient Free Players Club Winster
Plain Bun (Top & Bottom)
45 points 180 points
Sesame Bun (Top & Bottom) sesamebuns 60 points 240 points
15 points 60 points
Plain Patty
15 points 60 points
Patty With Cheese
25 points 100 points
Any 3 Patties
(Stack Bonus)
25 points 100 points
Any 4 Patties
(Stack Bonus)
65 points 260 points
4 Patties With Cheese
(Stack Bonus)
95 points 380 points

As you may have guessed by the name, stack bonuses are extra points that are added to your completed burger. You can only get one stack bonus per burger, so use trades to make the best burgers in town!

What is the BEST burger? It's a 4x cheeseburger on a sesame bun!

  • Free players: 60 (bun) + 4x25 (patties) + 95 (stack bonus) = 255 points
  • Club Winster: 240 (bun) + 4x100(patties) + 380 (stack bonus) = 1,020 points

It's hard to get all of these great ingredients by yourself, so work with your teammates and help each other out!


Tips & Tricks

1. Location Location Location 

In Burger Buddy, any burgers you make are submitted automatically. No "Cash In" button needed! This makes things a bit simpler, but it also means that you need to be VERY careful with your buns. "Accidental" burgers are common and they're not fun when you're trying to build a big stack! Here are two different ways to keep your buns safe and (temporarily) patty-free.

First, both halves together.

buns on bottom

These sesame buns are ready to go! By keeping both halves close together you can't accidentally spin a patty between the buns. Once you have all of the patties you want, just switch the top bun with the top patty!

Another method is the upside-down burger.

buns apart

When you're ready all you have to do is switch the top and bottom buns. You can avoid most accidental burgers if you just plan ahead a little bit and get your buns in place!

2. S.Y.S. (Save Your Spins!)

Large burgers are lots of fun to make, but you can waste oodles of spins just trying to turn an extra bun into a patty. If you have an extra set of buns, make a small burger to free up space. Even the basic burger is worth 60 points! 

3. Lettuce Think Wisely

Lettuce and plain patties are both worth 15 points, so you'd think that adding lettuce to a burger is the same as adding another patty. It certainly sounds logical! But many people forget about the stack bonus for having 3 or 4 patties. Once you add the bonus in it becomes a different story.

Let's compare burgers with lettuce to burgers of the same size that have just patties.

Please note that in the examples below we're using plain buns. Also, since Club Winster members get four times the points, their point values are listed like this: (CW points)

1x Patty with Lettuce 2x Patties
75 points (CW 300)
75 points (CW 300)

No difference here! Since a 2x patty doesn't get a stack bonus, it's worth exactly the same amount as a 1x patty with lettuce. How about we add another patty to the party!

2x Patties with Lettuce 3x Patties
90 points (CW 360)
115 points (CW 460)

Whoa! You can see that stack bonus kick in! The 3x stack bonus adds 25 points! (CW 100) Now the biggest burger you can make with lettuce is a triple(3x) patty. How does it compare to a burger with 4x patties?

3x Patties with Lettuce 4x Patties
130 points (CW 520)
170 points (CW 680)

This time it's a 40 point difference! (A difference of 160 points for Club Winster members!!)

Lettuce isn't worthless, but it's best for just single patty burgers. Otherwise trade it or spin it and hope for a patty!

4. Share The Love

As with all Winster games, Burger Buddy is best played as a team!! If you have an extra set of buns that you can't use, look to see who might need them. Extra lettuce? Trade it! Even half of a bun can be a huge help to someone who has a ton of top pieces but no matching bottom.

In general, when you help others they will return the favor. Unfortunately, sometimes you may find a "leech." This is a person who accepts all of the trades but never shares their extra sesame buns or patties. It can be frustrating, but don't let it ruin your day! Just don't trade with that player anymore and move on!

5. Politeness Matters

Say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" and say it often! At Winster we make it easy for everyone to be polite. Just hit the "ty" button to say "Thank you!" and the "yw" button to say "You're welcome!"

politeness buttons

It's such a simple thing to do but it makes a huge difference! If you never say "Thank you" you appear ungrateful, and people won't want to keep trading with you. Take a second to click the button and everybody wins!

That's everything! Tie your apron on and start making some burgers in Burger Buddy!

Written by Mira Hope

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