Winster Glossary for Newcomers

If you would like to suggest additional chat acronyms to be added to this list, please send an email to comments (at) winster (dot) com.

BRB: be right back

BTW: by the way

Cherries: as an extra bonus, when several players land on the same piece on their spinners at the same time, they all get extra points for 'matching'. Some clever players figured out that if they all agree to wait when a certain piece appears while the other player keep spinning, they can make these matches occur more frequently. This actually occurs in all the games, but the piece that occurs most frequently on the spinner is the Cherry in Slot Social. So players named the game "Cherries", even though it works on all the games.

FYI: For your information

HAGD: Have a Good Day!

HAGN: Have a Good Night!

HAGT: Had a good time!

Hold: Sometimes, a player trades a game piece with you (often a "Winnie" or wildcard) so that you can save it for them while they complete their board. After they cash in, they may want you to return the pieces you are holding for them. "Hold" is shorthand for asking you to hold the piece they are offering you.

IM: Instant message

JP:Sometimes, all players in a Slot Social room take turns going for a jackpot, which means getting the highest possible score - one or more "Winnies" (Winster logos), and/or Wildcards. When it is your turn, all the other players will give you their "Winnies" and wildcards, and when it is their turn you will be expected to give your Winnies and Wilds to them.

JK: Just Kidding!

Keep: When a player gives you a piece, you may wonder whether they would like you to Hold it or use it for yourself. "Keep" is a quick way for them to say that you are welcome to use the piece.

Lol: laughing out loud

NE1: Anyone

NP: No problem!

OIC: Oh, I see!

Pls: Please

ROFL: Rolling on the floor, laughing!

SAHM: Stay-At-Home-Mom

TFTT: Thanks for the trades!

TMI: Too much information!

TTYL: Talk to you later!

TTYS: Talk to you soon!

TYFT: Thank You for the Trades!

TY: Thank You!

TYVM: Thank You Very Much!

Winnie(s): Winster logo game piece in Slot Social

WC: Wildcard/Wilds in Slot Social

WTG: Way to go! It is usually said to congratulate a player for getting JP.

XOXO: Hugs and Kisses!

YW: You're Welcome!

In Slot Social, when players ask what game pieces you need, you can respond with the following:

Pie: 5 cherries

Wine: 5 grapes

Fruit: 5 fruits

5 pink: 5 single bars

5 green: 5 double bars

5 blue: 5 triple bars

5 bling: 5 diamonds

77777: 5 sevens

5W: 5 Winnies

5 WC: 5 Wildcards

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