Help - How To Play

The following will help you get started at Winster. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions or check out our nifty Newcomer Guide and Glossary for some helpful tips!

To help you become a popular player on Winster, click here for Winnie’s Dos and Don’ts. If you follow these simple rules, you'll be on your way to making lots of new friends!

Winster Trophies are awarded for positive social interactions, such as making your first friend, chatting with players, or receiving Thumbs Up ratings from other players. The Trophies earned are showcased on your Profile Page, where other players can see them. It's an easy and fun way to let others know that you are a Helper, Giver, Philantrhopist or even a Fashionista! To view our complete collection of Trophies, click here!

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STEP 1: Start a game

4 Ways to start a game

  • Click on the "Play Now" button to start playing a game.
  • Pick a game you want to try, then click on it to start playing.
  • Pick a friend you would like to meet, then click on their name. Once you start playing, they will automatically receive a message inviting them to join you.
  • Pick a prize you want to win, then click on it to get started.

STEP 2: Create an account

If you are new to Winster, please register before playing. If you are already registered, click the login link on the bottom.

After you've completed your registration, please check out our Newcomer Guide and Glossary for helpful hints and tips to help you to get started quickly.

STEP 3: Click the Spin Button to play the game

  • Click the "Spin" button to add game pieces to your game board.
  • To trade pieces with other players, drag a piece from your game board onto theirs.
  • Type your comments into the chat field and click "Send" to chat with other players.
  • The green color of the bar indicates how far you have to go to win the prize.
  • Change the prize you're playing for at any time by clicking on it. Once you've earned enough points, you'll be prompted to claim your prize.
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