Match Maker may look similar to other jewel games, but it's very different! First, you'll join a room that holds up to four other players. Each player has their own board. Click "Spin" to fill your board with gems!

Match Maker room

There are five gem shapes and five gem colors, which combine to create 25 different gems! Whenever you get 3-5 gems of the same color and shape into a row or column, the gems will automatically disappear and any gems above the gap will fall into place!

partially completed gem board

No new gems will appear until you clear your board, so work carefully! Move gems around by clicking on them and dragging them to new spots. If you drag a gem to a spot that already has a gem, the two will switch places! Unlike other jewel games, in Match Maker you can switch any gems on your board. They don't have to be near each other at all!

When you get down to two (or less) gems on the board, the game considers your board "cleared." The remaining gems will vanish and you'll pick up five bonus points! To start a new board just click "Spin."

Clicking "Spin" gives you completely new gems, but they're always in the same pattern of what you had left. If the board is empty, you'll get all new gems. If there are any gems left at all, clicking "Spin" will replace those gems with new ones. Like this!

As a general rule of thumb, don't click "Spin" until you've made every match possible and traded all that you can.

What? You don't know how to trade? Well relax, because trading is easy! Click on a gem on your board that you want to trade away and drag it to a gem on a teammate's board that you want in return. They'll see a Yes/No balloon pop up with a picture of the gem that you're offering.

trading gems

If they click "Yes" the gems will switch places! On the other hand, if someone offers you a trade then you'll see the Yes/No balloon pop up with a picture of the gem they're offering. Easy-peasy!



In Match Maker you get more points for bigger matches, and admittedly, sometimes that gets a little confusing. Just remember that a match is any group of gems that vanish at the same time. You can create chains where one group of gems triggers another group to vanish, but the game will count them as separate matches.

Now, there are three levels of matches: Basic, Advanced, and Pro. You can make whatever type of matches you like, but you'll get more points for trickier matches!

Let's start with the Basic matches. For these you only need to focus on one type of gem. It can be any type, of course. Oh, and don't forget that Club Winster members get four times the points!

Match Free Players Club Winster
3 Gems
8 points 32 points
4 Gems
12 points 48 points
5 Gems
16 points 64 points
Clear Board
cleared board
5 points 20 points

Basic matches are the foundation of Advanced and Pro matches. Remember, whenever gems are in a line of 3+ they'll automatically cash in and disappear! To make the 4-5 gem matches you'll need to keep the gems spaced apart in groups of two. Place the final gem to connect them together and make a match!

Advanced matches take a little more thought. For these you'll need to work with two gem types and make both groups vanish at the same time. An easy way to do this is to use one gem from each group to block the other, and then switch the two gems to set off both groups.

In the pictures below you'll see examples of how to make matches of 6-10 gems. The first picture shows the layout, with the key gems highlighted in green. The second picture shows what happens after you switch the two highlighted gems.

There are many different ways to make Advanced matches! The pictures are just to give you an idea of what's possible.

Match Free Players Club Winster
6 Gems
20 points 80 points
7 Gems
24 points 96 points
8 Gems
28 points 112 points
9 Gems
32 points 128 points
10 Gems
36 points 144 points

Making any matches above 10 requires more effort. The only way to do it is to use an unfinished horizontal 3-5 match to keep other matches apart. There's a reason that these are Pro matches!

Here's how you might create a match 11.


Right now the blue gems in the middle are keeping the green and yellow gems from making a match. When we switch out the highlighted blue and yellow gem, we get this:


Now the three blue gems will vanish and the gems above them will fall down.


All of the remaining gems create a match at the same time, which makes this a match 11. Use the same principles to make bigger matches! The biggest match you can make is 20, and you can check the Tips & Tricks section to learn how to make it!

Here are all of the points for Pro matches.

Match Free Players Club Winster
11 Gems 40 points 160 points
12 Gems 44 points 176 points
13 Gems 48 points 192 points
14 Gems 52 points 208 points
15 Gems 56 points 224 points
16 Gems 60 points 240 points
17 Gems 64 points 256 points
18 Gems 68 points 272 points
19 Gems 72 points 288 points
20 Gems 76 points 304 points



Tips & Tricks

1. Trade!

To really succeed in Match Maker you need to trade. Clicking "Spin" resets the entire board, so look to your teammates for help!

When you join a room and hit "Spin" for the first time, wait to see if anyone needs your gems before you start moving things around. If you help others complete what they're working on, they'll be able to spin and get new pieces to help you make your own big match!

2. Let's All Do The Hop

Sometimes you and your teammates might get stuck. Most players want to build big matches, but as we just discussed, that can only be done through trade. What happens when all of you are waiting for new gems but no one wants to spin and lose what they have?

Well, you can hop rooms! Click the "Change Room" link near the top and you'll move to a new room with new players!


Club Winster members can actually choose what room they want, or create a private room for friends!

With a new pool of gems you can (hopefully) find the gems that you need. If you still need more gems, hop again!

If you've made a new friend and don't want to lose them in the hop, mouse over their name and click "Friend." This will invite them to be your friend. If they accept you'll be able to see what room they're in!

3. The Almighty 20

The biggest match you can make is a 20. It may seem crazy, but once you understand how it's done it will all make sense! Essentially, you use an unfinished horizontal match 5 to hold apart four vertical match 4s. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do this!

making a match 20 Setting up the pattern is the hardest part. Start by making a line of gems in the middle to separate the upper and lower halves. Reserve the center gem in another line and use a gem from that line to hold the middle.
match 20 with completed middle When you have everything ready switch the center gem out. This will make a line of five gems in the middle, worth 16 points. (64 points for Club Winster)
match 20 with middle gems removed The middle line vanishes, and the gems above it will fall.
match 20 with upper gems combined with lower gems Now you have a match of 20!! This is the biggest match possible and is worth 76 points! (304 points for Club Winster)
cleared board The last gems vanish and you'll pick up 5 points for clearing the board.
(20 points for Club Winster)

Altogether this pattern is worth 97 points. If you're a Club Winster member you'll get 388 points!

If you're having trouble remembering how to make this pattern, think of the match 5 as a belt that goes across the board. It's a defining line that keeps shirt (top half) and pants (bottom half) where they're supposed to be. It's also the only match 5 in the pattern!

4. No One Is Born An Expert

It can be frustrating to see a new player come in and spin their board over and over again!

Your best bet is to direct them to this guide, and try find out if they have any questions. Once upon a time you didn't know how to play Match Maker either! Remember your own newness and have compassion for someone trying to understand it all.

5. Be Polite!

Always say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" when trading pieces! At Winster we make this incredibly easy. Just click on the "ty" or "yw" buttons and you'll automatically say "Thank you" or "You're welcome!"

helpful buttons
To thank a specific person, click and hold on "ty." A list will pop up with the names of all of the players in the room!

When you don't say "Thank you!" you appear ungrateful. People notice this and will stop giving you their extra pieces. It pays to be polite!

You?ve learned all there is to know about Match Maker. Be bold and go test your new skills!

Written by Mira Hope

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