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Winster is a new type of social game site where you cooperate with other players, rather than compete. The more you work together, the faster you win. Here are some tips to help you understand what things mean on your screen and how the games are played.

All Winster games share a common format: Each day that you log in, you get some Spins to play with. As you work together with the other players, you use up your Spins and score Points, which can be cashed in for Prizes.

To get started, you pick the game you want to play, then find a seat in a room with up to 4 other players. (You are always seated in the middle.) Each player is represented by a Smiley with their first name or screen name below it.

One popular Winster game is Slot Social. Below is an example of a Slot Social game room. Please refer to the legend below for more details about each number provided in the image.

Winster Slot Social Game Room

(Match the numbers from the image above with the numbers listed below to get full description for each icon/link.)

  1. HOME: You can access the Winster home page, which includes information About Us, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), player testimonials, and Terms and Conditions.

  2. PLAY GAMES: You can view the list of games, and upon selecting a game, Winnie (our virtual Host) will escort you to the next available spot in a room.

  3. FRIEND LIST: You can view your list of friends, find new friends and invite new friends to join, and earn points using the referral link assigned to your account.

  4. INBOX: You can view your messages, send conversation letters to friends and quick notes/chats to friends online.

  5. MY STUFF: View your profile, membership details, gifts, prizes, email preferences, news feed of your activities, and account information. You can also apply to be a host if you are a Gold member and fulfill the eligibility requirements listed.

  6. COMMENTS: Here you can submit any problems or concerns that you have with Winster. Please be sure to use the Customer Support section if you need a response or some action taken, or use the Suggestions section if you simply would like to tell us something.

  7. CHANGE ROOM: You can use this link to change rooms, create private rooms (Members only), or leave a room that you are in.

  8. ROOM NUMBER: Identifies which room number you are in.

  9. HELP: Click here for more information about the game. You can also find point values for certain puzzles and games.

  10. SMILEY: Your Smiley represents you to other players in the game. Your first name, or screen name (if you haven't provided your first name) appear below. You can dress up your Smiley with hats and other items by purchasing them in the Gift Shop. If you are a Club Winster Member your membership level is displayed on a badge over your Smiley. B = Basic, S = Silver, G= Gold, H = Host. Some other badges are "D" for Day Pass (a one-day Membership) and "N" to designate a first time player (a "Newcomer").

  11. TRADE: This green arrow represents a trade that is being suggested by another player. Players will ask you to trade so they can help you earn points quicker or if they would like help from you. You can select "yes" or "no" based on whether you want to give them the game piece or not. It is recommended to accept trade requests if you want to help others, but if you would like to keep the piece, feel free to decline their trade request. Helping others will encourage them to give you a Thumbs Up rating!

  12. SPIN: Click here to "Spin". The other option is to use the "Enter" button on your keyboard to Spin.

  13. CASH IN: Click here to "Cash in" and earn points before refreshing your game board.

  14. PLAYER PROFILE PREVIEW: When you mouse over another players' Smiley, you will see a quick snapshot of their profile, including screen name, Thumbs Up rating, lifetime points, how long they have been a member, and what prize they are playing to win. Here is also where you can view their complete profile by clicking on the "View" link or purchase them a gift by clicking the "Gift" link. It will redirect you to the appropriate pages.

  15. BRB: If you need a "Bath-Room-Break" or want to let players know that you will "Be-Right-Back," click on this button. It will allow you to be away from your computer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will be removed from the room.

  16. AUDIO: To turn sounds on/off, click here.

  17. CHAT BALLOONS: To turn on/off chat balloons that appear above the players during game play, click here.

  18. SCORE LOG: To log all points in the announcements window, click "+". Click again to stop logging.

  19. REMAINING SPINS: The number of spins you have left.

  20. SCORE: Your Score.

  21. PRIZE: The prize you have selected.

  22. THANK YOU: To quickly say "Thank You," click here. You can also specify which player you'd like to thank by holding down on the icon and moving your mouse to the name of the player.

  23. THANK YOU VERY MUCH: To quickly say "Thank You Very Much," click here. You can also specify which player you?d like to thank by holding down on the icon and moving your mouse to the name of the player.

  24. YOU'RE WELCOME: To quickly say "You're Welcome," click here. You can also specify which player you'd like to say "You're Welcome" to by holding down on the icon and moving your mouse to the name of the player.

  25. QUICK CHAT OPTIONS: This icon includes a list of popular quick chats such as "Hello," "Thank you all," "Laughing out Loud", "Hold?", "Keep," "Sorry," and "Way to go!"

  26. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Some of the latest activity occurring on

  27. CHAT: Enter chat or comments here and hit "Send" or use your "Enter" key on the keyboard.

  28. PLAYER CHATS: To view chats from players in the room.

  29. PRIVATE CHAT: To view private chats between you and other players in the room. Other players in the room will not see chat entered here.

  30. CHAT HISTORY: chat history displayed here.

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