Picture Magic is simple and it's really fun to play! When you start a new game you'll be in a room with up to four other people. Each person has their own board, which is a 3x3 grid. Your goal is to find nine pieces of a picture and put them together in the right order!

To get pieces just click "Spin" or hit the Enter key. In addition to picture pieces, each time you click "Spin" you might get bonus points, wild cards, or extra spins!

full room of five players

You can move pieces into place by clicking and dragging them around your board. Picture Magic automatically turns pictures in for points as soon as they're complete! And in case you were wondering, yes, there is more than one picture to put together. In fact, there are several dozen pictures to work through!

Whenever you complete a picture a screen will pop up to show what you completed.

You can rate the picture if you want to. Then you pick whether you want to play the same picture again, play the one before it, or move on to the next one! The cool part is that everyone in the room sees the picture they're working on, but you only see the picture that you're on!

completed smiley face

This makes it a lot easier to trade pieces. Trading is easy to do and you'll finish your pictures a lot quicker when you work with your team! To trade, click on a piece you want to trade away, and then click on the piece that you want. A Yes/No balloon will pop up next to the piece that you're offering. Once the other player accepts, the pieces will switch places!

trading pieces

If another player sends you a trade you'll see a Yes/No balloon pop up next to the piece they're offering. You don't have to trade if you don't want to, but it's a great way to earn points and friends!


When you click "Spin" you can get wild cards and pieces of a picture. The wild cards can be used to fill any gaps you may have in your picture!

Here's the full table of points. Please note that the images used in the table are only examples. And don't forget that Club Winster members get four times the points!

Completed Picture Free Players Club Winster
Zero Wilds
finished duck
400 points 1600 points
One Wild
400 points 1600 points
Two Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Three Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Four Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Five Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Six Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Seven Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Eight Wilds
400 points 1600 points
Nine Wilds
400 points 1600 points

Tips & Tricks

1. It's Okay To Be Nosy

If you're stuck on a tough picture and you can't figure out where a certain piece goes, take a look at your teammates' boards! Most players move pieces to the "correct" spots as they spin, so that they only have to fill in the blanks. You can figure out a lot by comparing puzzles!


2. Trade trade trade!

The best part about Picture Magic is that it's obvious when you have extra pieces. And since you can only make one puzzle at a time, there's no point in hanging on to doubles. So before you click "Spin" on an extra piece, take a moment to see if someone could use it! Even if they don't have a piece you want, trade it to them anyway. They will return the favor!

3. Balancing Trades

People are constantly moving pieces around in Picture Magic, so don't too be surprised if someone sends a trade on a spot that you just filled. Yes, it's possible to keep the new piece you spun and accept the trade! All you need to do is move the new piece to another spot. The trade will still go through!

4. Patience is a Virtue (But It's More Fun to Keep Spinning!)

Sometimes trades take a while. The other person might be looking away from the screen, or they might be trying to figure out if you're offering them a piece that they need. This is why it's a good idea to trade before your board is completely full! If you do this, you'll have an empty square to spin while you wait. No need to tap your foot impatiently or heave numerous hefty sighs that the other player won't hear anyway!

5. Politeness Matters!

Always say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" when trading pieces! At Winster we make this incredibly easy. Just click on the "ty" or "yw" buttons and you'll automatically say "Thank you" or "You're welcome!"

helpful buttons
To thank a specific person, click and hold on "ty." A list will pop up with the names of all of the players in the room!

When you don't say "Thank you!" you appear ungrateful. People notice this and will stop giving you their extra pieces. It pays to be polite!

You've learned it all! Now go put some pictures together with Picture Magic!

Written by Mira Hope

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