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"Careful, the government is liable to require this site to begin to carry a warning that it is not only ADDICTIVELY FUN but also a great place for people to meet and make new friends (with people who actually CARE about each other). Seriously, chronic health issues combined with living in a rural area keep me at home a lot. This site has been a wonderful addition to my life. Keep up the good job!"
— Betty S., Dutton, Virginia

"Thank you for answering my questions so quickly. I am thrilled that I found you on the internet. In my 70 years I have never come across a company that does all the nice things thta you guys and girls do!! You have really been sucessful in sharing your "Committment" of helping others win. I have not logged on to play without being amazed by the positive attitude from other players. These are not just games, but are almost like attending "Sunday School" classes with learning while you play. I could never thank you enough for what you have brought into my life. God Bless each and everyone involved in this endeavor."
— Ronald C., Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I just love this website! The best thing that could happen to my computer. I'm a housewife and dog rescuer and nursemaid to my 73-year-old Dad. I love playing and talking on Winster. It helps keep me sane! Thank you so much Winnie!”
— Nanette, Bath, Pennsylvania

“What a concept! I must admit I was skeptical, but boy did you prove to be exactly what you advertise. I have only played for two days and already I have made awesome friends that are a joy to talk to and play games with. I have never been to a website where there are so many people I truly cannot wait to play with again or to meet new ones. Your ads are perfect because you really do meet great people who help you win. Thank you and I hope to have many years of fun with my new friends and to meet many more. Thank you Winnie from the bottom of my heart!”
— Jeanette R., Johnson City, Tennessee

“I would just like to say how pleased I am with this site! I cannot get enough of Winster! Way to go! Great job! You are now a part of my daily rituals!”
— Shuston S., Seattle, Washington

“I just found this site a few days ago. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I like the interactiveness with the other players. Keep up the good work!”
— Mel, Crestview, Florida

“I think that Winster games are great. I look forward to playing every day. I have met so many wonderful people. Thank you so much for the extra spins — they are greatly appreciated. I play the slots social and have tried some of the others, but I really enjoy the slots the most. Again, thank you thank you. You really brighten my day.”
— Charlotte P., Mohawk, New York

“I’ve been playing your super cool game site for quite some time now, and the only thing I would like to say is that I’ve enjoyed playing your games ever since I started. It’s so much fun and I’ve made some great online friends. Please keep this game online, it’s just so much fun!”
— Terry C., Montandon, Pennsylvania

“Thank you Winnie for something fun for even us ‘old folks’ to do as an extra-curricular activity. I love the Social game and really get a kick out of it. Lots of fun. Thanks again.”
— Lorraine S., Hot Springs, Arizona

“I love all the new things you’re doing with the website. It just keeps getting better and better. Lately, I feel like if I don’t check in, I might miss out on something BIG. You’ve come up with lots of great ideas! If I come up with any good ideas, I’ll be sure to share it with you!”
— Rose G., Lompoc, California

“I just wanted to say how awesome this site is. I have made friends from all over and they are genuine people. So friendly and caring. We chat and play on here. This game is addicting and I love coming to it each and every day. I have never found a site that I enjoy so much as this one. Way to go. This is truly the bomb!”
— Michelle B., Clarksville, Tennessee

“I just want to tell you how much I really enjoy the games and friends here on Winster! This is by far THE BEST gaming site I have ever played on and I am very proud to be among friends that actually help or even acknowledge my presence here. You have done an AWESOME JOB!! Thanks SO MUCH for creating such a FUN, FRIENDLY place to hang out and have fun with friends!”
— Tonya M., Russellville, Arizona

A Winster Tale
Winster is the place to play
Flying tiles come your way
Like no other site I’ve seen
Chat is usually pretty clean

When you first enter a room to play
They send a Host to help your way
Working together is the way to win
Visit the Help section when you begin

The more you trade, the less you spin
The longer you play, the more you win
The better you play together, the more you get

If you don’t share, you won’t play long
Working together is how we’re strong
Being honest and kind is the way to be
I help you, you help others, and all help me

— Trisha H., South Carolina

“Thanks, Winnie & Friends! I love your games and your website. Sometimes, it is a rough world and I like it very much that you try to make it better. Keep up the great work! I applaud all of you!”
— Marianne C., Indio, California

“I’d just like to say, I joined yesterday because of my sister and I’m glad I did. I was playing Slot Social and was pleasantly surprised at the patience of the Host that was in the room that I was in. The Host was great because she explained how things worked and how to help each other. I enjoyed playing so much that I stayed here until after midnight. Two thumbs up to Winster for creating a place to make friends. I will share this site with others who like to play games and make friends! The Host made this a wonderful experience and I thank you for making her a host!”
— Grady, Pennsylvania

“Thank you very much for this game site Winnie. I just got home from the hospital yesterday after having surgery and I’m doing well. I have been a member of Winster since last November and simply love this site and have made so many new friends here. I wanted to especially thank you for that and also for the new changes that you have made to to site which are so exciting. I play here every day now and just love playing the slots and being able to have real conversations with friendly people. I am very pleased to see that you have taken measures to help us keep this a fun, exciting place to play and make friends!”
— Wynda, Fairfield, California

“I love this game! I enjoy the prizes and it’s the real Mccoy. Anyone who is looking for a legitimate fun way to get paid to play games, Winster is the ticket. Free to join!”
— Tiffany M., Atlanta, Georgia

“I play with my Winster friends, day after day! Sometimes, a new person will join the room, and we gladly welcome them into our ‘group’. I am a stay at home mom with a son who has special needs. I look forward to coming online and playing Winster each day. This is my only interaction with the outside world. It helps to keep me sane!”
— Laura, Poughkeepsie, New York

“Hi Winnie, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed Winster’s games. I am sure glad I found the site and have been playing for a long time now. The prizes I’ve won have provided me with presents when I needed them. I have made lots of new friends over the years, which has helped me through many personal things in life, for example my retirement from work, my kids moving away, health problems, loneliness, and many other things. Recently, I discovered a horrible illness, and fortunately I can get support from my friends online since some have been through the same thing. Winster offers an important and valuable method of communication for me. Thank you again for making this site available for people like me!”
— Shirley H., Fortville, Indiana

“I want to thank you for your website. I’m a grandmother raising two grandchildren and I can’t afford to do much. I have really enjoyed playing on Winster because the people are great! I was really surprised to discover how friendly people are to each other. Again, Thank you!”
— Kim L., Saint Joseph, Illinois

“I’d like to tell you how much fun I’ve had on your site. When I was out of work feeling depressed, your site gave me an opportunity to forget what was happening around me. It also offered me the opportunity to converse with so many amazing people that it was like not being alone at home. With that said, your games are great. I love going from one game to another, never getting bored and always meeting new friends. Thanks for making your site available!”
— Carolyn, Bellingham, Massachusetts

“Winnie, I have been a member since Nov. 2010. This is such an awesome site and my favorite is Slot Social. I have met some very nice people and now have them for friends. I played with four of the nicest ladies last night. We were all helping each other and joking around. I was laughing so hard, a few times, that I had tears in my eyes. Just wanted to thank you again for this awesome and wonderful site!”
— Mike F., Oak Grove, Missouri

“Just wanted to say thank you for all the new features and improvements you’ve implemented within the past several months to enhance the already enjoyable experience of playing on this site! ‘veteran’ members (and most newcomers as well) in saying that we greatly appreciate the innovative ideas which led to the creation of such a fun, rewarding, and unique game site as Winster! Again, thank you!”
— Jen J, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Dear Lord, I know you are watching over me and I am feeling truly blessed, for no matter what I pray for you always know what is best. I have this circle of Winster friends who mean the world to me. Some days I Spin and Spin, at other times, I let them be. I am so blessed to have these friends with whom I have grown so close. So this little poem I dedicate to them because they are the most. May god bless us all today.”
— Poem edited and submitted by Jessica D., Washington Court House, Massachusetts

“Hi Winnie! I gotta say that this is the most friendly, fun, and all around greatest game site I’ve ever played in! I’ll be here every day as long as this ol’ P.C. holds out. I’m a disabled VietNam vet on a V.A. pension but will make purchases as soon as possible. Hope to spend many coming days playing with everyone!”
— Rick, Haysville, Kansas

“I found this website in November and I want to thank you for such a fun and very well developed game site. I have been having a barrel of fun and it is so refreshing to have games that aren’t killing, shooting, or bloody and evil. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness in taking time to create this website. May the Lord Bless and return your kindess 10 fold. Thanks again!”
— JoJo, St. Charles, Illinois

“Winnie, I have greatly enjoyed meeting and playing in the rooms. The 200 spins you give every day is a blessing, and without it I wouldn’t have met all my great friends. I am a handyman for my church in Reading, Pennsylvania and get to use the computer here. I love teaching the children here at the afterschool program, as well as helping newbies at Winster become team players. I was blessed to meet friendly people who were willing to show me the ropes. I lose track of the time sometimes, because I’m having so much fun — the trading, sharing and teamwork is so selfless. I plan on becoming a Host as soon as my financial situation improves. Again, a very sincere thanks, and may you and all your staff have a very blessed week!”
— David H., Reading, Pennsylvania

“I just discovered your site, and I must commend you. Not only are the games fun to play, but I greatly appreciate how the site encourages friendship and cooperation with other players. It’s nice to have a place to go where everybody has fun and is nice to everyone else. I think you’ve accomplished something special here. Thank you!”
— Penny, Prescott Valley, Arizona

“I joined Winster a while back and never fully got the gist of it all since I never had the time. However, this past week, I had some more free time and started playing again and find that in a day and age where people only care about themselves, this game website shows a different story. People on Winster are willing to help and the people I’ve met have been really nice to me. I presume this is the whole concept of the site, but nevertheless, I’m still amazed at how people work together. I work with the public and meet people from different states every week. I think they can all use a site like this to help focus on helping others.”
— Leenie, Des Moines, Iowa

“I want you to know that I truly love this website! Not only is it incredibly fun, but I have made a lot of friends on the Winster site! Many of the players that I am friends with have exchanged phone numbers with me, and I have spoken to several on the phone! I am disabled and am not from New Hampshire (where I live now), and I know no one in a close enough proximity to have frequent visitors. However, I made a friend on Winster (thank you!) who actually came to my home and spent the day with me!!! It was so nice to have company who I could laugh and talk with as I spend my days alone because my husband works.”
— Chooch P-J, Contoocook, New Hampshire

“Thank you again for such a wonderful site where people from everywhere in the U.S. can meet, make friends, and form life-long relationships that you would not expect to find elsewhere. I will keep in touch for sure. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.”
— Jessica D., Washington Court House, Ohio

“Hi Winnie, great job you did in developing the Winster game. Whether you know it or not, it sure helps a lot of people come together. Mostly the people who are alone and lonely. This is a great place for them to find friends and have fun at the same time. has done more for a lot of people than you will ever know. I would like to thank you just for that. There are also many other benefits to Winster. I did want to let you know this. This says something wonderful about you Winnie. Have a Blessed Day and Thank you again!”
— Patricia M., Buffalo, New York

“I just wanted to say thank you for this game site. is really the only enjoyment I get during the day because I’m home most of the time taking care of my mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and on hospice care. Thank you for the extra spins while playing. Winnie, you are the greatest!”
— Betty W., Shipshewana, Indiana

“Hi, Winnie! I just wanted to let you know that I have met the BESTEST Friend on here that I have ever had in my entire life, and YES, we have met in person and converse every day. We have actually gotten together several times now, as we only live 9 hours away. I thank God every day for steering me in the direction of Winster. It has made a BIG impact on my life. I have cashed in many times on your site, and gotten a lot of things that I would otherwise not have been able to get. Thank you for such a wonderful site :)”
— Donna D., Convington, Pennsylvania

“I love all that you do to keep us connected with each other. Today is my birthday and the friends I have made on winster just keep coming. How great is that! Love the games. Thank you.”
— Joanne G., Houston, Texas

“This is without a doubt the best site I have seen for a long time. I am disabled and stumbled on your site through the people and I was hooked from day one. Thanks for providing us a place to help others and in my opinon, the best feeling in the world. Keep up the good work!!”
— Brad C., Lynchburg, Ohio

“I just want to say that I signed up for this site about 2 weeks ago I think it was and I LOVE it. I already claimed my first prize and my Fiance and I are going to the movies because I won the movie gift card. We don’t get to go often because there’s not enough money, so I am very thankful to win that prize. I have met nice people on this site and I’m addicted to the games. lol It’s great! Thank you so much for creating this site. It’s a lot of fun. :)”
— Nikki, Crete, Illinois

“My mom introduced me to Winster. She said the people are SO nice here! I lived in Nevada for years so, needless to say, I was VERY skeptical! I have seen people do unbelievable things for the sake of gambling. Then I gave Winster a try and I LOVE IT!!!! The part that I love most is that it’s all about the teamwork and helping one another! I can step into a room and be there with people from all over the United States and immediately we are all working together as friends. If our society was more like this site, the world would be such a nicer place to live! If you are thinking about trying Winster out, DO IT!!! I have no doubt that you will immediately feel the same sense of harmony and kinship that makes this site such a blessing! Thank you Winnie for creating such a great place!”
— Kimberly K., Portland, Oregon

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that this site is the best site I have ever seen out there. The prizes are great, the customer service is great when you got a problem they are there to help — they get back to you the same day! The games are easy to play, and racking up the points is fun! You get to meet new friends, have fun, chit chat and play a family style game great for even wee ones. Thank you for allowing us to join!”
— Charlynda L., Lake Elsinore, California

“I am having a blast at Winster. I cashed a movie ticket and all went perfectly. This is a real pleasure after years of playing on Pogo and winning nothing with all those millions of points. Winster members overall have been most pleasant and happy to trade. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping others learn the system.”
— Dawn W., Monongahela, Pennsylvania

“Just wanted to let you know that I think this is the best website for playing games ever, you can meet lots of great people and it feels good to help others as well as others helping you. I love this site, you came up with the greatest idea ever, take care you are the best.”
— Ute G., Huntsville, Alabama

I cannot express enough just how much I have enjoyed playing Winster. I have played with so many great un-selfish people. This is a wonderful idea. My hats off to whoever thought of this. Thanks!”
— June B., Angier, North Carolina

“I don’t have a suggestion, I would just like to thank Ms. Winnie. I have never found a game I like as much as this one. It is so great, you get to meet and enjoy friends that will help you. And I’m not a game person, but I love Winster. Keep up the good work!”
— Mary A., Church Hill, Tennessee

“I would just like to tell Winster that I do love to come and play every day. It is so much fun to come and know that you are making people smile as you trade and help them win. I like this so much better than the competitive type games. Thank you again for having this available to us.”
— Anne, Great Falls, Montana

“I have just started playing at a couple of months. I have enjoyed playing your games with the people on the site and have made a lot of good friends. I love more than I do Pogo and other games on the internet. I’m seriously thinking about letting these other games go, because they don’t keep their word at all, like Winster does. So WINSTER.COM keep up the good work, and when I can I will become a GOLD member. It is going to take me some time.”
— Elizabeth, Hannibal, Missouri

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoy playing on this site. I find it to be very relaxing after a long day of work. I look forward to purchasing a membership in the near future!”
— Karen B., Fayetteville, North Carolina

“Hi — I just wanted to say thanks. I really love Winster. I’ve met so many great people and have fun de-stressing at the end of the day with the games. It is really fun to earn the prizes too! I’m a gold member now and referred my sister who is also addicted. We are both HUGE fans and are trying to spread the word. I hope to be playing for a very long time.”
— Kristina J., Fort Pierre, South Dakota

“We joined the end of June and have just love playing and the people we have meet here are so friendly and helpful. We have claimed 4 movie tickets and several other prizes. It is really fun when I had my hand surgery and was off for 3 days everybody that we have been play with kept asking about me. What a nice group of people to be so caring.”
— Dave S., Pikeville, Maryland

“Winster is a good way to relieve some stress, chat with friendly people and earn prizes! I have used 12 movie tickets so far and are accumulating more. It’s awesome to be part of a collaborative team to earn points by trading pieces.”
— Kathy A., Menlo Park, California

“I’ve enjoyed playing the games, and I have met some very special people. We try to get together every night, and most of the time its with some of the people I know. If you are not known to us, we try to help you and include you in the fun. The prizes, (no, you dont get ripped off) are great — come join us!”
— Marlys, Minnesota

“I enjoy playing on your site, and I especially enjoy being a Host! Thanks for giving me the chance to meet a lot of new people. I have made some great friends here and would like to thank Winnie for everything! You are a dream come true with this site. I believe people should help each other too! It make me feel good when I can help my fellow players and they help me too. It’s nice and makes you feel good to know people care about each other!”
— Rebecca W., West Columbia, South Carolina

“ is awesome! Love the puzzles & everyone helps each other to get their puzzles done! It’s a real family here! Love the prizes, I won 4 free movie tickets that we are going to use this weekend! Now I’m going for an Ipod..and ya win just by finishing puzzles and getting points for it!! WOW!! Also, if you ever have a problem…they are super quick on emailing you back with an answer and quick to resolve issues too!”
— Nancy H., Fort Pierce, Florida

“I can’t believe that I won $30 worth of movie tickets, a $60 video game and a quesadilla maker worth about $25 within the first few months…and there were no hidden fees! The atmosphere is great, too — everyone helping each other to win prizes…it’s great!”
— Ginger K., Oakmont, Pennsylvania

“No matter what time I sign on to Winster there is always someone to chat with while I play. I’ve chatted with some very nice people while playing. It’s so much more personal than most other online games. It’s fun to trade pieces and help each other out with ideas. Oh, and let’s not forget all the wonderful prizes that can be won while having fun — the Fandango tickets are my personal favorite!!”
— Fran T., South Plainfield, New Jersey

“Its a place where u get to make friends and play with them without competing. Everybody gets equal chances of winning. U get to meet people from all over the world. The games are also not so difficult. They r easy to understand and easy to play. You also have large varieties of prizes to choose from. I really enjoy playing this game.”
— Bharti, Jersey City, New Jersey

“Winster is a great way to meet new people and earn prizes. We all work as a team to help each other win. I have won 4 movie tickets so far. Thanks Winster!”
— Lori, South Carolina

“I really love all the people @ The games are fun to play and everyone helps each other win. I always play in the evenings before I go to bed.”
— Cynthia N., Mesa, Arizona

“I am a new member of winster, am I am hooked. I am a early riser. I enjoy and look forward to playing every morning, before I start my day.”
— Stephanie M., Riverview, Florida

“Winster is a great place to meet new people, play games and win actual prizes! It’s not a competition but a game you help others win too. Thumbs up to Winster!!”
— Kim H., Springfield, Oregon

“I love playing Winster games!! They are so fun, and it’s fun to play with the friends you make! I have won 12 movie tickets, which is a real treat for me as I don’t go to the movies very often, its totally worth the gold membership status! I recommend this site to everybody I talk to!!!”
— Julie H., Anaheim, California

“I look forward to logging in each evening to see my friends from all over the United States. It is exciting to see how close they are to claiming the prize of their choice. I enjoy trading pieces with others to help them to complete their puzzles, getting pieces in return is nice too! Thank you for a fun game.”
— Sandra H., Portland, Oregon

“I sure like playing the games here and helping others to get there points; I have gotten the movie tickets and the American Idol CD; also the See’s candies I used as a gift for my secret sister; the cassey-massey bath set is a real nice gift for a friend — these gifts don’t take long to earn and they come quickly to your home after you claim it.”
— Peggy H., Moreno Valley, California

“Winster is a fun, inexpensive way to relax. I was skeptical when I joined, but figured I’d do the free trial and then cancel. My winnings have more than paid for itself. I have won 15 movie tickets so far, and am trying for the George Forman grill. Great way to release some tension and win prizes also.”
— Janice Grover, Pompano Beach, Florida

“Man, this place has got to be the best out there, where else can you get such great prizes for playing such an easy game…”
— C. Kimmery, Southern California

“I enjoy your games so much. I am greatful that you only allow so many spins per day so we are not zoned to the game and we can actually get some work done. I could play forever. Best game ever. Thank you! Oh, well worth the money.”
— Alicia D., Stockton, California

“I would like to say that I have made alot of new friends on this game website from all over the country. I look forward to playing each day. I won an iPod and I use it so much my 6 year old daughter has asked for one now. Thank You Winnie for making this possible.”
— Jo Anne, Arcata, California

“I have to agree with the rest of the folks here, this game is amazing. I’m a new member, but already appreciate the benefits; it’s a great way to socialize and loosen up after a stressful morning or afternoon. It’s also a great game that fosters team work and the spirit of giving. Thanks for an awesome game folks!”
— Melanie S., Liverpool, Pennsylvania

“I can not remember the last time I’ve had so much fun on-line!! The people here are the greatest, and the way the games are set up to help each other out is a no lose situation. Thanks Winnie, you’re the best!”
— Suzanne F., Allen, Texas

“I recently joined Winster and I love the way everyone helps each other to win. It teaches people to not be so competitive and shows them that by helping others, you actually can win more! I call it a Pennsylvaniay It Forward kinda game and have brought many friends to Winster. You done good!”
— Catherine W., Medford, Oregon

“I want to say WOW! What a cool website. You can’t help but feel good and nice and happy when you play it! It should be documented in psych/soc journals or something—seriously.”
— Maryj V., Jackson, Michigan

“I’ve been with Winnie since feburary and have already won some great prizes. All in all, Winnie is the best game and social lounge, meaning meeting new people. This is my favorite game of all times and all help each others out as I do.”
— Rob C., Muskogee, Oklahoma

“WOW! now that is what i call Above and Beyond Customer Service. This is wonderful. I will be sure and sing your praises to anyone who has questions about the Winster Customer Service.”
— Linda S., Dexter, Iowa

“We run a women’s abuse shelter and Winster provides a lot of relief and theraputic distraction for our residents while they sort thier lives out as well as helps to get things for the kids who come with their Moms. Winster has helped to provide two Christmases (with WalMart and Amazon Gift Cards), birthday presents, school supplies, (Amazon Gift Cards) movie tickets, etc., for the 7 to 11 children we have in residence at any given time. It helped to buy a PS3 game console and some games for a young man whose mother (a Winster Member) died in an accident last year. One of our teens was in need of a computer program to help her with catch up on her high school studies because she got behind from moving from place to place to get away from an abusive parent and it was Winster points that paid for the whole thing. She will graduate on time this year in the top 10% of her class. So hopefully you can also see why Winster is such a gem to us, it plays a major part in our success with these women and children!”
— Debra H., Hesperia, California

“I am so glad that I found your game site. I love playing the games, well the slots are my favorite of choice and most of the people I have met here are so nice and helpful. I look forward to each night when all are in bed here and I can get on here and have fun. I have been going through a stressful time and I come here to have fun and forget about all the paperwork that I had to do all day. Thanks to everyone!”
— Billie T., New Bern, North Carolina

“I want to say that this site is the best I have ever seen in the kindness of your hosts I ran into a very nice one named Kim today she encouraged me to stay so i could get my jackpot even after i ran out of spins. I have only been with winster for about two weeks now and I want to commend the people here and whoever though this up. It is a place that still shows that people can still be kind to people in times that you dont think it exists anymore. I commend you all.”
— Lori L., New Castle, Pennsylvania

“Winster was a great idea, for bringing people together from all over the U.S.A. The game is a great outlet. I enjoy playing, but more than that I enjoy meeting new friends. Two thumbs up to the creators of the Winster game. A special hello to all of my new friends and acquaintances!“
— Patricia M., Buffalo, New York

“Thank you for helping me change my e-mail, it is working great. Your customer support is the best with which I have had the pleasure of working. As a newby with computers I have really enjoyed this site and have had many hours playing with many people from all over the U.S.. Keep up the good work.”
— Bob Z., Boise, Indiana

“Winster is such a great site! I work with disabled people and am getting them interested in Winster since there is so little they can do but sit in a wheelchair all day. They’re tired of Bejeweled and want to feel involved in a group since they have so little social interaction where they live. I’m meeting disabled people here myself whom I try to make feel comfortable while we’re playing by being as positive and open to them as I can. You all are doing such a good service to folks and I just wanted you to know how I felt. Please keep up the good work!”
— D. G., Greenville, North Carolina

“It’s really rare to find anything that’s fun and honest and not out to get you on the internet. YOU are great Winnie. You seem to have come up with a wonderful idea and the fact that you allow people to play without playing is even nicer. The small inconvenience of an occasional ad is no big deal and certainly understandable as you need to earn a living. I commend you and thank you. I have actually had a good time and made some friends on your site. I think I will join if only to support YOU.”
— Sue S., Eagle Point, Oregon

“Thank you for allowing me access to your wonderful site. I also wish to congratulate you on your insight and imagination. This concept you have applied promotes a desire to work together and is very refreshing. In an age where almost all media channels an individuals conduct to be self serving and ego centric, your site promotes sharing and service to benefit another. Once again I thank you and I congratulate you.”
— Mike C., Duluth, Minnesota

“I just want to thank you for this game. I have so many new friends. You reward me for playing nice with extra spins. I have not had so much fun in a very long time. Thank you Winnie.”
— Jennie H., Georgia

“Hello Winster Team, I would just like to express to you all what an AWESOME game site this is!! The recent changes have greatly improved the quality of gaming! Thanks for all your hard work! I will just keep spinning away!!”
— Phyllis M., Moscow, Pennsylvania

“Just want to thank you for your quick response to my problem. This is the BEST site ever I have so much fun and GREAT, GREAT friends. Thank you so much for allowing me to play here.”
— Sidney D., Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

“I am more than happy to express my absolute pleasure at your very prompt customer service, response to, and resolution of issue.”
— Lynn M., Quincy, Minnesota

A Winster player submitted the following poem:

Granny’s Gone Bananas!
“Granny’s gone Bananas!” — well,
That’s what Grandad said
“Quite late at night, she plays a game
When she should be in bed.”

She knows not who — but some kind friend
Forwarded her name
To a website where she found
An invite to a game

At first, when checking out this site,
She’d not the slightest clue.
She clicked on ‘Spin’ — Bananas came!
She soon learnt what to do

And now she’s telling Grandad
That this, he would enjoy
Because, although he’s eighty-five,
At heart, he’s still a boy!

— Nanette Mary, Wexford, Ireland

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