Poker Pals combines the challenge of Poker with the thrill of slots! Even if you've never played Poker before, you'll pick things up pretty quickly. Being able to see everyone's cards is a big help!
If you're completely new, here's how the game works. You start out in a room with up to four other people, and each person has five cards to work with.
Poker Pals room
Instead of having a "dealer" to deal cards, you click "Spin." If your hand is empty you'll automatically get five cards and use five spins once you hit the button.
first deal
Now it's time to build your hand! Click on one of your cards and hit "Spin" to get a new card. (Alternately, you can hit the Enter key instead of clicking "Spin.")
Keep an eye on your neighbors' cards. They might have something you need! To start a trade, click on a card in your hand and then click on the card that you want. The other player will see a Yes/No balloon pop up next to the card you'd like to trade with them.
confirm trade screen
When someone sends you a trade, you'll see the Yes/No balloon pop up next to the card they'd like to trade with you. Trading cards is the fastest way to earn points and friends! It's easy!


Curious what everything is worth? Take a look at the table below! It lists the different hands, what they mean, and how much they're worth. Keep in mind that the pictures are just examples to give you an idea what to look for. A flush can be any suit!
Oh, and don't forget that Club Winster members collect four times the points!
Hand Description Free Players Club Winster
One Pair
Two cards with the same number. 35 140
Two Pairs 
Two sets of cards with the same numbers. 45 180
Three of a Kind
Three cards with the same number. 60 240
Five cards in sequential order. Aces are both high and low. 90 360
Five cards of the same suit. 120 480
Full House
Three of a kind plus a pair. 140 560
Four of a Kind
Four cards with the same number. 180 720
Straight Flush
Five cards in sequential order that also are the same suit. 240 960
Five of a Kind
Five cards with the same number. 280 1120
Royal Flush
10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit. 300 1200


Tips & Tricks

1. Poker Terms

When you're just starting out it can be tough trying to remember exactly what everything is. Here are a few different ways to think about Poker Pals terms.

  • Straight: Imagine going straight down a road. The street numbers on the side generally go in order, such as 301, 302, 303, and so on. A Straight in Poker does the same thing! The order of cards is Ace, 2-10, Jack, Queen. King, and Ace again. Remember, Ace is both a high and low card!
  • Flush: "He flushed with embarrassment when people discovered he had only one suit." All flushes use only one suit. It's a stretch, but it works!
  • Full House: Do you remember the TV show Full House?  Well, think of the three guys plus the Olsen twins. That's three of a kind plus a pair!

2. What to Look For

A Royal Flush is worth the most points but it' very difficult to get, even if you trade a lot! Most players settle for a Full House, 4 of a kind, or 5 of a kind. If you're looking at the cards in your hand and you have no idea what to do, start by looking for a pair. Don't have one yet? Check the other player's cards to see if anyone could help you out. If not, just pick a card and spin!

When offering a trade please be courteous. If someone has 3-4 of a kind, don't send a trade and ask for one of their cards in the 3-4 group. Also, if someone repeatedly rejects your offer on a specific card, just move on. They're probably working on a combination that isn't clear to you.

3. Change Your Perspective

It's natural to be focused on your own cards. But once you're a little more comfortable with the game, start looking at other players' boards to see what they need. Pairs are easy to spot, so look for those first. Take a moment to see if anyone needs your card before you hit "Spin" and get rid of it!

When you make an effort to help other players they'll make an effort to help you too!

4. Mutually Beneficial Trades

This basically combines tips 2 & 3. Take a look at the picture below.

two hands in Poker Pals

Right now neither player has anything valuable. But if they trade the ten of hearts for the King of spades, then both players end up with a pair.

two hands after trading

This is a great starting point! Now they both can work to turn their pairs into three of a kind or more.

5. Politeness Matters

Say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" and say it often! At Winster we make it easy for everyone to be polite. Just hit the "ty" button to say "Thank you!" and the "yw" button to say "You're welcome!"

politeness buttons

It's such a simple thing to do but it makes a huge difference! If you never say "Thank you" you appear ungrateful, and people won't want to keep trading with you. Take a second to click the button and everybody wins!

Now take your oodles of knowledge and go give Poker Pals a try!

Written by Mira Hope

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