Slot Social is one of our most popular games! It's also a great "starter" game because it's pretty easy to understand.
Here's how it works! Each room holds up to five players and each player has a personal slot machine.
 Slot Social
Instead of pushing a button to spin multiple reels like a regular slot machine, in Slot Social you click "Spin" to get one piece at a time. (Hitting the Enter key works too.) The current value of your hand is always above the slots!
When you're ready to collect your points, hit the "CASH IN" button. This clears all of the pieces on your board and you start fresh!
Now the fun part about Slot Social is that you can trade pieces with other players! It's really easy to do. Click on a piece on your board that you want to trade, and then click on the piece that you want.
trade confirm screen
The other player will see a Yes/No balloon pop up next to the piece you requested to trade. If they click "Yes" the pieces will switch places. That's it!
If you have a hard time seeing the tiny icons on another player's board, just move your cursor over the pieces. Instant magnification!
Magnified slots
Use trades to build the best hand possible and then cash it in for points! How do you know what pieces to keep? You look at the paytable, of course!

The Paytable

The following table lists all of items and their values. 3x means three of a kind. 4x is four of a kind, and 5x is five of a kind. Don't forget that Club Winster members get four times the points!
The Winster Logo is almost always called a "Winnie" in Slot Social. When someone says they're trying to get a jackpot (or JP) it means they want to get 5 Winnies.
Item Free Players Club Winster
Winster Logo (Winnies)
five Winnies
5x =1650
4x = 800
3x = 500
5x = 6600
4x = 3200
3x = 2000
five 7s
5x = 500
4x = 315
3x = 210
5x = 2000
4x = 1260
3x = 840
five Wilds
5x = 315
4x = 230
3x = 150
5x = 1260
4x = 920
3x = 600
five diamonds
5x = 315
4x = 230
3x = 150
5x = 1260
4x = 920
3x = 600
Triple Bars
5 triple bars
5x = 250
4x = 170
3x = 100
5x = 1000
4x = 680
3x = 400
Double Bars
5 double bars
5x = 165
4x = 105
3x = 60
5x = 660
4x = 420
3x = 240
Single Bar
5 single bars
5x = 135
4x = 85
3x = 55
5x = 540
4x = 340
3x = 220
five grapes
5x = 100
4x = 65
3x = 50
5x = 400
4x = 260
3x = 200
five bananas 
5x = 85
4x = 60
3x = 40
5x = 340
4x = 240
3x = 160
five cherries
5x = 75
4x = 50
3x = 35
5x = 300
4x = 200
3x = 140

IMPORTANT TIP #1: Five wilds are NOT the same as five Winnies! Wild cards on their own have the same value as diamonds.

IMPORTANT TIP #2: Wild cards latch on to whatever you have the most of, even if it's worth less than another combination! Take a look.

2 cherries 2 wilds 1 Winnie

Here we have two wilds, two cherries, and one Winnie. Since we have more cherries than Winnies the wilds "stick" to the cherries. This turns the hand into 4x cherries for 50 points and not 3x Winnies for 500 points!

Wilds are often saved up to to create a Winnie jackpot. Winnies are pretty rare, and the wilds really help!

1 Winnie 4 wilds

Also, sometimes people talk about "playing JP." This means that everyone in the room takes turns getting a jackpot. Whenever someone in the group gets a wild or a Winnie they give it to whoever is supposed to get the jackpot next!

You don't have to give anyone your pieces! But if a room is playing JP and you don't want to do that, you should probably switch to another room. 


Tips & Tricks

1. When to Cash In 

Whenever possible hit "Cash In" only when you have five of a kind. If you're playing at an odd hour and the rooms are empty, well, you may have to cash in with 4x or even 3x. But if there are people around, trade trade trade!! Winster is all about helping each other achieve high scores!

2. How to "Save" Pieces

Sometimes you'll get a great piece that you want to hang on to, but you already have 4 of a kind going on.

1 Winnie 4 diamonds

You definitely don't want to spin that Winnie away! If only there was a way to hang on to that Winnie and keep spinning!

Good news! There is a way, but it involves a bit of trust on your part. You can ask another player to "hold" a piece for you. If they says yes, trade the piece. (You'll want to trade to either an empty spot or for a low value piece, like fruit.) Once you get the piece you need and cash in, they'll trade the GOOD piece back to you.

Most people only ask others to "hold" wilds, Winnies and occasionally 7s. About 99% of the time they get the pieces back. For the remaining 1% the other player might lag, lose connection, or flat out keep the piece. It's rare for this to happen, but don't let it ruin your fun! 

IMPORTANT: If you don't ask someone to "hold" before you trade, don't assume they know you want the piece back!

3. How to Remember What's Valuable

This mnemonic (a memory trick) groups the items from highest value to lowest.

White Swans Wisely Don't Buy Feathers

Which translates to:

Winnies Sevens Wilds Diamonds Bars Fruit

It's an easy way to keep track of things!

4. Share!

Generosity is contagious. Really! It's okay to ask someone to hold pieces for you, but you should also consider just giving valuable pieces away. Why? Well for starters, it's a nice thing to do! Secondly, when you?re generous with your pieces, other players will be generous to you!

5. Politeness Matters

Say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" and say it often! At Winster we make it easy for everyone to be polite. Just hit the "ty" button to say "Thank you!" and the "yw" button to say "You're welcome!"

politeness buttons

It's such a simple thing to do but it makes a huge difference! If you never say "Thank you" you appear ungrateful, and people may not want to continue trading with you. Take a second to click the button and everybody wins!

That's everything! You're ready to tackle Slot Social now, so give it a shot!

Written by Mira Hope

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